Saturday, June 15, 2013


"You're A Gem" 8x10 Print by HelloCherie Handmade on Etsy
I know what you all are thinking. Another blog from Amanda! You guys, I have this crazy, creative mind that wants to make things at hyperspeeds. I am not kidding, I just want to do things and do it good. Dont we all? I remember the first blog i had - starting in high school, when i first started to learn photography & the internet. Back in the day no one had blogs, none of my friends! This was also when i discovered that i wanted to be a graphic designer too. I would spend hours cutting out pictures and things out of magazines - sometimes i would buy them just to cut them up later. I would make collages in this book, which now is like looking through real-life pinboards! If there was a pinterest back then, oh my goodness - you would have had to physically pull my from the computer! But still, I was and always have been inspired by some of the same things - fashion, the ocean, surf, design, photography and art. And if you DO follow me on pinterest, you will see that exactly. I would spend hours looking at amazing photographers i found thru Flickr - and only HOPING one day i would be as good as them. And now, I have graduated from college with a degree in Graphic Design and I married my best friend, my amazing husband Zac.

Life is so good, and life is SO hard. But its amazing and wonderful and confusing all at the same time. And with that, here is to my new creative outlet - to a place where I plan to open up, share, write, and be myself. I am excited and I hope you all love coming here.

PS. I totally feel ya, Taylor >> click!

Amanda Cherie

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